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January 11, 2019  

It's the year of Miku, so we're going to watch the only miku-related anime that we would watch on this fucking show...and that's Black Rock Shooter!

Topics include: Why we are not watching Two-Car despite having advertised for months that we were going to do that, oopsie woopsie; it's the year of Miku!; how to make a Hatsune Miku anime; a brief history of Black Rock Shooter, from a piece of art by Huke, to a music video by supercell, to video games, OVAs and...Mari Okada; Madiha's box of emergency shows; Blue-Orange-Black; color motifs; instant crush; Tiny Bird Game; THEY'RE GAY; how do you play the tiny bird game?; Esther does (not) remember the Rainbow Fish; a note on the class character of Mato and Yomi; KAGARI IS A PROBLEM; the tumblr attitude; cat poop coffee; Kagari comes out of horror and Horror has a problem with disabilities; despite all this, Madiha can still love the creepy little girl; the oscar moment; the ultraviolence of the otherworld battles; haters gonna hate, Mato; RAPE MENTION TRIGGER WARNING, Madiha explains her first experience with a guidance counselor; the time slot for perverts. WE MADE A FUCKY WUCKY AND ONLY DID ONE EPISODE OF THE ANIME FOR THIS SHOW, PLEASE FORGIVE.

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