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November 16, 2018  

I already am eating from the trash can all the time. That trash can is Selector Spread Wixoss, episodes 9 and 10.

Topics include: dark fantasy psychological horror lesbian masterpiece; Anime Club schedule; is Milulun a "fake bitch"?; Hitoe's perfect texting; what book would you want to become trapped inside forever?; Madiha's one year of American curriculum High School English; a teacup for Iona; Mayu's white minecraft room; post "anti-abuse Hitoe" at them and they'll delete; Chiyori at the WcDonalds; analyzing the Chiyori vs. Hitoe duel and Chiyori's tactical situation; Hitoe is the villain; dingbat; cult or pyramid scheme; analyzing Akira's confrontation with Ulith at the tower, the greatest scene in Wixoss; your body will never forget Aoi Akira; basically a wedding; enjoyment and apprehensions about fucked up shit; Hanayo and Kazuki are the worst characters in the show; three Ionas; This Is Wrong; bad mom Mayu; film school 101 shit; I am sorry I'm not Slavoj Zizek; Madiha cries; Yuki.

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