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November 2, 2018  

These two adults are going to destroy a child.

We tackle Selector Spread Wixoss Episodes 7 and 8. Oh boy.

Topics: Roast of Mayu; she's old enough to be slammed; Madiha internet detectives Mayu; the worst episodes of the season so far; Ulith executing a perfect X-RAY attack on Akira; the scriptwriters regretted their words and deeds; a disappointing look at Ulith's cartoon sociopath backstory; this is really dumb; Ruuko discovers the evil of the world; Akira's lack of a role in the episode; going over card game stuff; MADIHA NOTE: I GOT THE BANISH MECHANIC WRONG. IT DOESN'T WORK THIS WAY. UGH. I'LL FIX IT NEXT EPISODE; talking about Shadowverse for some reason; thanks Adobe; Mayu smites Iona; tell all your friends about our perfect show; WIXOSS PEEPING ANALYZE MANGA SPOILERSCAST from 1:03:00 TO 1:22:25; the Mayu backstory drives Madiha insane; WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT KURO; we live in a society (Mayu doesn't); Mayu reads Charles Murray's "The Bell Curve"; Mayu's racial ideology; WE HAVE NO SYMPATHY FOR MAYU; Maximum The Hormone should do a track of how evil Mayu is; TRIGGER WARNING FOR RAPE as Madiha and Esther discern the troubling nature of the "corruption" scene and the psychosexual language used in Wixoss; THE MOST VIOLENT SCENE IN WIXOSS. Please fund our Mayu MMD model that dabs.

Outro music is a snippet of Maximum The Hormone's "What's Up People?"

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