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October 20, 2018  

It's a real miracle this episode came out! Or is it...a curse? We take a long, fraught look at episodes 5 and 6 of Selector Spread Wixoss!

Topics: Esther honks herself; CONTENT WARNINGS for emotional abuse, domestic abuse, in the discussion of this episode; Fumio the diet alt girl; Anne the weaboo LRIG; burning chorizo; we're not gonna play the card game the show is about; what do teens do? epic clapbacks; wow, what a hot take; chuuni honeypot; heady discussion of the Fumio vs. Ruuko card battle; kamehameha; talking about Duel Master's relationship to Wixoss; Iona gets BIG MAD; Ultima/Maiden; Fumio is basically Madiha; the Lament of Madiha movement XLVIII; we're leaving the depressing parts in; The Domestic Violence Scene; an alternate timeline where everyone suffers a DARK FATE; GIRL OF BLACK vs. GIRL OF WHITE; we decided to localize this ourselves; GOOD JOB FUNIMATION; Mayu's eponymous room; Akira melting at Ulith; #1 ranked on DOORS; Fumio's curse is Madiha's curse; identity in Wixoss and the Mayu's system and its relation to growing up, the internet, etc; Akira and Ruuko as proletarian heroines/tragic figures; creating things in perpetuity; Yuzuki gets even more fucked up; The Mayu Abuse Scene; Mayu's motivations as an abuser; we all know what it's like to have a Mayu in our head; humanizing Iona; Ruuko continues to be our light in this darkness; Who Else Could Fucking Bar The Way...?; the stunning conclusion.

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