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October 5, 2018  

We're cracking all the mysteries of Selector Spread Wixoss Episodes 3 and 4 on this episode guys. Through strong inferences we draw some REVELATIONS.

Topics: I forgot the bit; starlight roleplay; Esther's friend Stanislavski; Iona is not a friend; it's Tama! she's sad because everything's fucked up!; literally all the school is talking about incest; you can't escape Iona; can LRIGs choose their card power?; TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME; I wanna see Iona's cool upgraded form; our wish is for the show to be more toyetic; yugioh fails the bechdel test; pop art hellscape; Esther's visual sleuthing; AKIRA'S TWITTER; mad, salty and jelly; Akira's having a normal one; the Hurt part of the Hurt/Comfort fic; the most tedious scene in Wixoss; they got pies at WcDonalds; That Accidental Reunion; THE SHOW IS GETTING HACKED; Wixoss youtube poop; Mari Okada Did Not Make The Whole Show But It's Funnier If She Did, Guys; great shots of Ulith grinning; callout post for Mayu; Chiyori is outclassed; turn 1 fucking huge angels; what a turn-off; she's not lying, she's just dumb; Chiyori is us; Chorizo De Ibéricoña The 2nd; the Wixoss novel; why doesn't anyone suspect the corporation behind Wixoss?; Takara-Tomy involvement; we all forgot about Futurecard Buddyfight; in-universe published Wixoss fanfiction; Madiha is a fucking weeb now; Madiha goes insane; Grandma ONLY plays for keeps; google image search pigeons; we stan one queen; dissecting the Akira x Ulith scene; callout post for Ulith; what does a normal LRIG-Selector relationship look like?; REVELATIONS.

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