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August 25, 2018  

We regret our words and deeds.

Topics include: WIXOSS FINALE!; Real anime club experiences; banned from the library for tiddy; legit weeb cred; hashtag blessed; weird shot of Ruuko's clothed ass; Iona's reaction to Ruuko emailing her; Yuzuki and Mayu both don't know shit; incoming Madoka shit; DUBS VS. SUBS; LRIG wish consent; Hitoe the tough weenie; breaking down the Ruuko mom scene; explode with WIXOSS energy; Japanese immigration; Epic Bacon Girl Ruuko; Izanami from Persona 4; Iona's fan event; the card texts in the Yugioh anime; Ulith's dub lines; the opening theme of the final episode; killing yourself for your friends is the most beautiful thing; Ruuko Nukes; Ulith and Tama DBZ shit; analyzing the Ulith bloody mouth scene; reinforcing each other's sexual pathologies; Black Desire; White Hope; should've memorized every line of the oath; dueling wishes; battling with you forever; Transmediacrity defeated; Simoun sucks; news stuff.

Ending theme is "Akira" from the Selector Infected WIXOSS OST.

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