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August 3, 2018  

A new challenger appears! You must defeat Hitoe to unlock her in Smash.

Topics include: JC Staff adapts all the light novels with small, special girls; understand the bamboozle; yuzuhana; back to the freak show; Ruuko the nicest girl ever; resting bitch face; the best bible story; jealous of Madiha's childhood; Incest Threat; NEVER FORGIVE? HOW MEAN; paggro discord status; Esther's lesbian Yuzuki alternate universe; Citrus II: Season of the Witch; Madiha's "manipulative Hanayo" reading; incest confession scene; almost a clipshow; the horror of Wixoss; sorry! you're trapped in someone's incest fantasy; chekov's cellphone; Nobody Is A Fan of Mom Netorare; good anime parenting; MAYU'S ROOM; WixGod; purgatory that never ends; The Lament of Hitoe, Part LXIX; LRIG Veteran Hanayo; good friend Yuzuki; Ruuko sneaking mission; 100% Street Camo Rating; DARK YURUCAMP; #Selector; Kurt Vonnegut novels; Ruuko struggles with the computer; GARGOYLE; secretly afraid of fucked up porn URLs.

Ending theme is "LRIG" from the Selector Infected Wixoss OST.

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