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June 22, 2018  

Nobody can think in this show.

Topics include: Video Game Hell doesn't do anime so we win there; these episodes of Wixoss are dire; once again, relevant trigger warning for Incest because Yuzuki sucks; foreshadowing The Scene; a quest to stop the marketing; Yuzuki marauding the streets for card duels; Ruuko overturning the tables; hey Mari Okada weren't you hired to sell cards; Takara-Tomy what happened; does Executive Man know what he is doing; DONT LOOK AT THE WIXOSS WIKI; our petition to get fan wikis regulated; Ullith the Horny LRIG; two girls doing it; thirst for battle; It's A Wedding; Iona strategies; Wish Crisis; Yuzuki ruining lives; Kakegurui crossover; addicted to booster packs; dubbed Akira; Guy Fawkes Mask; the First Malformation of Akira; chuuni scar; Alt Girl turn; somebody sponsor us for $15 to keep this podcast solvent; quasimodo scare; Akira ninja; elite friendship moves; the most angelic girl; we're gonna dox Ruuko's brother; best Grandma; impressed by my fake deep sister; The Final Duel; The Wrath of Buns Girl; my friends who spread incest rumors; peeling some beans; girls are terrible, except for my sister; The Incest Scene; cool genes bro; bio-horror dialog; Mari Okada's intentions; we nearly quit the podcast but we talked ourselves into continuing; Madiha's Nebula-Brained Galactic Genius Analysis; returning to Hitoe; Hitoe, situation improved, or fate worse than death? You decide!

Outro theme is "Battle -- Why Not Eliminate The World?" from Selector Infected Wixoss' OST.

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