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May 25, 2018  


The Media Maidenz tackle episodes 5 and 6 of Selector Infected Wixoss! It sure gets ribald in here!

Topics include: Pillar of the Strike Witches community; Girls Und Panzer soviet swastika revelations; the Mami decap episode; shitlord poets; [TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE MENTION] as Madiha uses her degree to talk about Samuel Richardson for some reason; Skank Ass Hoes; dub report; lovecraft phase; does this person think Yuzuki is queer???; honk; popular boy Kazuki; buns girl; WIXOSS PARTY; weird scrunchies; a hypperreal hell of normalized incest; a sobering discussion of taboo subjects in media; Shibuya and Akihabara, the anime neighborhoods; The Lament of Hitoe; unveiling the monkey's paw; Yuzuki is the worst; BUNNY'S; dub Akira; NOPEY NOPEY; Iona will smush you all up; analyzing the Akira duel; BUTTHURT BABIES; Arch Aura; Mari Okada's magnifying glass on ants treatment of Hitoe's trauma; anime schoolgirl bullying; Kazuki's sudden popularity; THE REAL FINAL BOSS OF WIXOSS; YUZUKI & HANAYO ARE THE WORST; Madiha's headcanon about Ruuko's broken home, with bonus autistic headcanons; Hitoe's mom; everyone is completely destroyed; This Heart Is Pure White. Sorry for the background noise!

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