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May 10, 2018  

Albino Hatsune Miku is VERY small and VERY strong.

Topics include: Madiha it was Hermain Cain who quoted Pokemon, not Ben Carson, you idiot; Selector Infected Rick Ross; Kanye is Yuzuki; Lupe Fiasco's stratagems; do people like the scene by scene format or not, weigh in!; Mari Okada is a dancing demon head; Yonetani the trickster god; avoiding a misogyny; EARLY<>POEMS; Yuzu-pon; loving the pain; Yonetani Connection; what if we fucking did an Index anime club; Mayu's Room; Madiha's autistic Ruuko headcanon; telomere game trash; Madoka wide-face; how Madoka was made; I-N-C-E-S-T; daft punk vocoder samples; Tama is the fucking same; sign this friend form; product placement; a pokemon expansion called Stormfront; Madiha cried; the 6 hours of Spa-Francorchamps; FUN PODCAST; Yuzuki sucks; Gary's Mod Sound Effects; abusing the cards; Ulith, the horny LRIG; out of tune piano; talking about autism; Yuzuki is a fake friend; skinship; Yuzuki's parents fucked up; Hayao Miyazaki library; famous doushiyou; backseat gaming; special interests; Akira's minions; OG DBZ; BITCH; born second; Ruuko shuts down; Iona innuendo.

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