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April 27, 2018  

The Media Maidenz are back with more anime adventures! Join Card Game Pro Madiha and Fashion Expert Esther for a special 3-hour mega episode for Selector Infected Wixoss!

Topics include: Toys 4.0; stupid light novel adaptations; Mari Okada’s skeezy weird animes; this is a Madoka; JRPG Strings; gossipping about card games; Wikurosu; khux; napoleon dynamite; grandma’s tetris level; Madiha’s sordid card game past; Autism headcanons; a very special message from Madiha about her relationship to weird horny shit; Protect Ruuko At All Costs; mental healthcare vs. miracles; the official sweet of yuri; Grandma’s custom Skyrim; show you the art of knits; the best character; resting bitch face cirno; illegal card moves; TOO BAD; double doushiyou; peeping analyze; super rare Ruuko from the gacha; delinquent girl leg kabedon; Ruuko’s inappropriate humor; THEY GO TO THE CARD SHOP; brothers ruining lives; lesbian clerk; credit card scam; tins; Spike is a girl because of the SJWs; I WISH YUZUKI COULD BE NORMAL; emoji mess; karaoke strategy; let me tear you apart.

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