Transmediacrity A podcast about media through an analytical, admiring and alternative perspective.

May 23, 2019  

Over the past couple weeks here at Transmediacrity we’ve had a hell of a time delivering the show “on time” because of various technical and life issues happening. We were always planning to change how the show is scheduled, since Madiha is going to have a 9 to 5 day job again and Esther is going back to college. Since we’ve ended up delivering a bunch of “late shows” it feels like the time is right. We’ve decided to change when we record to be the weekends, so you’ll see “this week’s” episode, an anime club, “next week.” However, we’ve also decided to make a couple of other changes to give ourselves a boost.

For example, we’re no longer going to have a set day of the week when the podcast comes out. It comes out when we get it done. We were very set on keeping a rigid schedule before, and it made podcasting a chore to do. We wanted to be thought of as among “the friday podcasts” but we don’t have the resources and time of people who put out a podcast every X day. This is not our job and we want to stop treating it like it is. We went in too hard and we wanna loosen stuff up because the podcast was stressing us out and it shouldn’t.

In order to loosen stuff up also, we’ve decided we will no longer do “the regular show” (the one where we talk about Sekiro every week because we don’t care about any other game released the past 2 months) every other week. Anime Club is the most exciting and fun part of our schedule, because we get to fuck around with something we love. Increasingly, the main show has had to be planned out so that it doesn’t become the Sekiro Show or The Girls Frontline show. It’s gotten less fun, because it feels like an obligation to “do new things” every week to fill out a show, rather than a show we want to do. So, we’re going to do the “main show” once a month, and anime clubs twice a month. On the other week leftover after all of this, we might still get on mic and fuck around and release whatever happens on the feed, because we like to do shows! But a carefully planned show around media we consume is difficult when we’re doing the same thing we did last week (because Sekiro is fun and nothing else is.)

We still wanna make the show because its fun. But we need to keep it fun to do. We know y’all understand, we just wanted to keep you in the loop.

Thanks for all the support you’ve shown us, and we hope it continues.